10-Hour, 8-Tape Set Includes 5 1/2 Hours of Exclusive Footage

September 5, 1996 will not only mark one of the most anticipated dates of the century for the home video industry, but will also be a day to remember for Beatles fans all over the world.

Featuring nearly 5 1/2 hours of exclusive footage, including home movies, rare studio clips, live concerts and the Fab Four's most memorable songs, the eight-volume, ten-hour set of The Beatles Anthology home video will allow fans the opportunity to own for the first time the definitive story of The Beatles, as told by The Beatles.

Each volume of the eight-cassette video set will include approximately 75 minutes of music and memories of the Beatles' beginning and career. The suggested retail price is set at $159.98. Capitol Records has selected Turner Home Entertainment to distribute this landmark home video project in America.

To date, The Beatles Anthology project has resulted in the sale of 16 million copies of both The Beatles Anthology Volume 1 and 2. Both sold record numbers upon their release -- Volume 1, the fastest selling double album ever (855,797 retail units in its first week) and Volume 2, released this past March, selling nearly 500,000 during week one. Both debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart.

ABC is set to rebroadcast "The Beatles Anthology" special on August 31, September 5 and September 7, 1996 and a formal announcement will be made next month regarding the Fall release of "The Beatles Anthology Volume 3."


July 19th, 1996

The Beatles Anthology TV series has been nominated for the top prize in factual television -- an Emmy award for best documentary series.

The five-hour series that caught the imagination of the world when it was screened in 94 countries last November was nominated in Los Angeles last night.

The Beatles Anthology has been nominated for three Emmy awards: Outstanding Informational Series, Outstanding Picture Editing and Outstanding Sound Editing.

Five years in the planning and making, The Beatles Anthology made TV history as, for the first time, the Beatles' story was told personally by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. It is estimated that the series was watched by an audience of 420 million worldwide.

Neil Aspinall, head of Apple Corps. and executive producer of the TV series, said today, "This nomination is a great honour and it reflects the enduring worldwide interest in the Beatles."

Anthology producer Chips Chipperfield added, "It is a great accolade for a British-made documentary series to be nominated in this, the biggest TV market in the world."

This September will see the release of the Beatles Anthology video collection -- a double-length, 10-hour version of the TV series, which will tell the Beatles' story in even greater detail.

This autumn will also mark the release of The Beatles Anthology Volume 3, the final album in the trilogy of Beatles' unreleased recordings that has to date sold the equivalent of 25 million albums around the world.

Anthology Video (Laserdisc version) Outline

Compiled by Tom Sella

Here's an outline of the home Anthology as taken from the laserdisc version posted by Tom Sella on RMB, which he has allowed us to use here. (Thanks, Tom!) Each disc corresponds to the individual tape.

  Disk 1 Side 1  39:49

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    1   00:00    Intro (excerpt from Help!)
        01:04    In My Life montage
        03:28    The Wild Ones (all the Beetles missed ya, Johnny)
        04:00    Let's go back, back, back, back,...
        04:15    Growing up
    2   07:44    Early musical influences
        11:05    Elvis doing Hound Dog, clips of other early stars
        14:14    First instruments
        15:53    Crosstown search for the B7 chord
        16:50    The Girl Can't Help It
    3   19:06    Paul, George, John meet up
        22:24    Paul does Twenty Flight Rock
    4   24:28    First recordings, That'll Be The Day, In Spite Of
                 All The Danger
        27:23    Stuart Sutcliffe
        28:45    More early recordings
    5   30:42    Ringo and Rory Storm and the Hurricanes
        31:35    How the Beatles were named
        32:47    Early tours
        39:08    Pete Best

  Disk 1 Side 2  39:09

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    6   00:00    Hamburg (to Roll Over Beethoven)
        07:18    Klaus Voorman, Astrid Kirchner
        07:57    Star Club recordings
        12:00    Tony Sheridan, My Bonnie
    7   13:18    Disappointment with Pete, Stu leaves, Paul becomes
                 bass player
        16:14    Neil Aspinall becomes roadie
    8   16:35    The Cavern
        17:41    Kansas City, live (from Cavern?), Brian Epstein,
                 new suits
        20:54    Decca audition tapes (Cha Cha Boom!)
        22:12    Brian secures audition with George Martin
    9   23:51    Ringo joins the band
        25:27    Some Other Guy, live, Cavern, complete
        27:34    Ringo/Andy White/Love Me Do
   10   31:49    Dissatisfaction with How Do You Do It
        34:10    Please Please Me, live, complete
        36:46    End credits, to Leave My Kitten Alone

  Disk 2 Side 1  40:37

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    1   00:35    Early interviews and fame
        02:35    BBC radio excerpts
        05:48    First album
        08:24    early color concert footage (few seconds, place?)
        08:35    Twist And Shout, lip sync, compiled from several
    2   11:11    Introduction to Derek Taylor
        12:50    excerpt from From Me To You, lip sync
        17:09    Early off-stage color film montage, to It Won't Be
        20:20    She Loves You, live, complete, color film
    3   22:40    Move to London, 1963
        24:34    I Wanna Be Your Man, Rolling Stones/Beatles (lip sync)
        27:09    TV comedy show appearances
    4   30:28    Studio outtakes
        35:25    This Boy, video, lip sync

  Disk 2 Side 2  31:11

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    5   00:00    I Saw Her Standing There, live, complete, Swedish TV
        02:54    Long Tall Sally, live, complete, Swedish TV
        06:20    Royal Variety Show, From Me To You, live, complete
        08:37    Royal Variety Show, Til There Was You, live, complete
        11:07    John's 'rattle your jewelry' comment, Twist And Shout,
                 live, complete
    6   14:24    Second album, With The Beatles
        15:23    Please Mr. Postman, lip sync, complete
        17:38    Roll Over Beethoven, live, complete
        21:41    I Want To Hold Your Hand, lip sync, complete
    7   24:04    Paris trip
        26:50    First trip to America
        29:07    End credits, to One After 909

  Disk 3 Side 1  37:31

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    1   00:35    Arrival in New York, press conference
        03:19    Film from limo, hotel room, Murray The K
    2   10:09    Ed Sullivan show, All My Loving
        13:14    Train trip to Washington

        15:59    She Loves You, live, Olympia Stadium, Washington,
                 with some live color film footage
        18:58    I Saw Her Standing There, Olympia Stadium
        22:34    Please Please Me, Olympia Stadium
    3   24:34    British embassy
        25:45    vacation in Miami, to I'll Follow The Sun
        30:04    This Boy, live, Miami, incomplete
        31:36    Packing for Britain
    4   32:36    Return to England
        34:30    Making A Hard Day's Night (AHDN)

  Disk 3 Side 2  35:29

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    5   00:00    Excerpts from AHDN
        05:30    If I Fell from AHDN
        08:44    Can't Buy Me Love from AHDN, cut to live
        10:55    In His Own Write (John winks at 11:07)
    6   12:54    World tour, Jimmy Nichol subs for Ringo
        14:57    Long Tall Sally, record overdub on Holland performance
        21:05    Ringo rejoins in Australia (Nazi salute at 21:36)
        22:05    All My Loving, live, Australia, incomplete
        25:00    You Can't Do That, live, Australia
    7   27:40    AHDN premiere in Liverpool
        33:00    End credits, to outtakes from I'll Be Back

  Disk 4 Side 1  31:13

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    1   00:35    1964 American tour
        05:55    All My Loving, live, Hollywood Bowl
    2   09:19    Beatles meet Bob Dylan, discover herbal jazz
                 cigarettes, tour craziness
    3   18:34    Making of I Feel Fine
        20:10    I Feel Fine, lip sync, complete
        23:10    Kansas City/Hey, Hey lip sync cut to live
        25:54    I'm A Loser, live, complete (John plays harmonica
                 a la Dylan)
        28:58    Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby, live

  Disk 4 Side 2  39:19

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    4   00:00    Filming of Help!
        02:28    You're Gonna Lose That Girl from Help!
        07:46    You've Got Hide Your Love Away from Help!
        12:02    Help, live
    5   14:28    Origins of Yesterday
        15:50    Yesterday, live, complete
        18:58    I'm Down, live, incomplete
        19:39    I Feel Fine, live, incomplete
        20:32    She's A Woman, live, incomplete
    6   21:38    George's songwriting
        23:00    Act Naturally, live, complete
        26:20    Ticket To Ride, live, cut to promo video
    7   28:28    MBEs
        35:42    Live at Shea Stadium, pre-show excerpts
        36:42    End credits, to If You've Got Trouble

  Disk 5 Side 1  35:20

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    1   00:35    Shea Stadium intro by Ed Sullivan
        01:33    Twist And Shout, Shea Stadium, incomplete
        03:12    I Feel Fine, Shea Stadium, complete
        06:50    Baby's In Black, Shea Stadium, complete
        10:24    I'm Down, Shea Stadium, complete
    2   15:46    Meeting Elvis
    3   20:49    More tour craziness, musicianship deteriorates
        23:23    New musical directions, Rubber Soul
        27:25    Norwegian Wood, Take 1, incomplete
    4   30:48    Revolver
        32:21    Excerpts from film Yellow Submarine, home movie
                 footage poolside

  Disk 5 Side 2  36:28

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    5   00:00    Tomorrow Never Knows, Take 1, incomplete
        02:18    Nowhere Man, live, complete, Munich
    6   04:23    Introduction to LSD
        07:35    Day Tripper promo videos
        11:30    We Can Work It Out promo video
    7   13:41    Talk about promo films
        15:18    Paperback Writer promo film
        18:12    Rain promo film/video
    8   21:11    1966 World Tour
        26:45    Rock And Roll Music, live, Budokan
        29:07    Paperback Writer, live, Budokan, incomplete
        30:39    Yesterday, live, Budokan
        34:03    End credits, to And Your Bird Can Sing outtake

  Disk 6 Side 1  37:09

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    1   00:35    The infamous Philipines trip
    2   08:43    Paul does Eleanor Rigby, cut to recorded version
                 and back
        11:00    John's Jesus statement
        16:24    Beatles backlash
        21:22    Last concert, Candlestick Park
        22:25    Backwards in time concert footage montage, to For
                 No One
    3   24:34    Time off after touring
        25:45    John in How I Won The War
        27:53    Paul and excerpts from The Family Way
        29:14    Interviews outside Abbey Road during Sgt. Pepper
        32:03    Making of Strawberry Fields Forever
        32:48    SFF promo film including mellotron intro by Paul
        36:15    Making of Penny Lane

  Disk 6 Side 2  33:41

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    4   00:00    Penny Lane promo film
    5   05:19    Making the Sgt. Pepper album
        08:04    Sgt. Pepper album cover animation from 1987 special
    6   10:53    Making of A Day In The Life
        11:42    A Day In The Life, Take 1 (not on A2)
        15:40    A Day In The Life w/film from orchestra party
    7   20:17    Reaction to Sgt. Pepper
        22:45    Jimi Hendrix covers Sgt. Pepper
        25:50    Paul admits LSD use
        28:46    Almost buying a Greek island
        31:15    End credits, to SFF Take 1

  Disk 7 Side 1  38:10

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    1   00:35    Leadup to All You Need Is Love
        03:50    All You Need Is Love broadcast, colorized
        07:19    Summer of love
        08:43    George visits Haight-Ashbury
        10:20    Meditation and the maharishi
    2   14:37    Brian Epstein dies
        18:24    Brian Epstein montage, to You've Got Hide Your
                 Love Away outtake
    3   22:54    Making of Magical Mystery Tour
        26:55    Fool On The Hill from MMT, incomplete
        28:33    Your Mother Should Know from MMT, incomplete
    4   32:58    I Am The Walrus from MMT, complete
        37:24    Ed Sullivan intro to Hello Goodbye promo film

  Disk 7 Side 2  35:35

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    5   00:00    Hello Goodbye promo films
        03:45    Opening the Apple Boutique
    6   06:07    The trip to India
        07:03    Across The Universe outtake montage, incomplete
        11:39    Threatles with ukelele, Deradoon demo
    7   14:50    Apple Corp.
        19:32    James Taylor
        19:54    The Iveys (Badfinger)
        20:34    Mary Hopkins
        22:47    Lady Madonna promo film, interspersed with film
                 from the White Album sessions
    8   25:14    Yellow Submarine, the movie
        27:54    Beatles cameo in Yellow Submarine, All Together
        29:18    Yoko Ono
        33:04    End credits, to While My Guitar Gently Weeps

  Disk 8 Side 1  49:55

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    1   00:35    Ringo quits (slow Helter Skelter in background)
        02:40    Making of the White Album
    2   09:32    Revolution promo film
        12:53    Closing the Apple Boutique
        14:43    Intro sequence to Hey Jude film (great fun!)
    3   15:42    Origins of Hey Jude
        17:10    Hey Jude promo film
    4   23:11    Get Back sessions
        27:35    Paul and George argue on film
        30:16    Magic Alex
        31:13    Recording at Savile Row
    5   36:02    The Long and Winding Road from Let It Be film
        40:13    Let It Be outtake, discussion about rooftop concert
        42:10    Don't Let Me Down, rooftop
        45:50    Get Back, rooftop

  Disk 8 Side 2  31:58

  Chap   Time    Description
  ----  -----    -----------
    6   00:00    Let It Be from Let It Be
        04:02    Paul marries Linda Eastman
        04:58    Drug raids
        07:07    John marries Yoko
    7   10:01    Breaking up
        12:10    Allan Klein
    8   15:31    Abbey Road
        16:50    Something promo film
        23:48    Film from last photo session
    9   24:27    Talking about Free As A Bird
        29:50    End credits, to studio outtakes

Total running time: 9 hours 51 minutes 54 seconds