A Beach Boys Bibliography

This list is compiled from a series of posts on the Pet Sounds mailing list. Additions and comments are welcome and can be sent by clicking here.

1) The Beach Boys-Dean Anthony
2) The Beach Boys-John Tobler
3) The Beach Boys-David Leaf(updated)
4) The Beach Boys-Byron Preiss
5) The Beach Boys(Silver Anniversary)-John Milward
6) The Wilson Project-Stephen J. McParland
7) Brian Wilson Tape#10-Stephen J. McParland
8) Look, Listen, Vibrate, Smile!-Domenic Priore
9) The Beach Boys(The Early Years)-Alan Clark
10) The Beach Boys Complete(chords/lyrics)
11) Brian Wilson(A Tortured Life)-Kingsley Abbott
12) The Beach Boys(The Early Years)-Kingsley Abbott
13) The Beach Boys(The Middle Years)-Kingsley Abbott
14) The Beach Boys(The Middle Years Revisited)-Kingsley Abbott
15) The Beach Boys(The Later Years)-Kingsley Abbott
16) The Beach Boys(Southern California Pastoral)-Bruce Golden
17) Wouldn't It Be Nice-Brian Wilson/Todd Gold/Landy
18) Heroes & Villains-Steven Gaines
19) The Nearest Faraway Place-Timothy White
20) Surf's Up-Brad Elliot
21) Denny Remembered-Ed Wincentsen
22) In Their Own Words-Beach Boys Quotes
23) The Smile File - Dwight Cavanagh
24) The Rainbow Files (Beach Boys on CD) - Two Danes
25) Brian Wilson - Beached or Buoyant? - Kingsley Abbott 
(a follow-up to "Brian Wilson - A Tortured Life")