New Beatles self-help book (10/16/01) A note from the author, Larry Lange:

It's my honor to officially announce to the "Beatles News Briefs" site - that the Beatles book I've written is now in bookstores, and for sale on

The book is entitled "The Beatles Way: Fab Wisdom For Everyday Life," and it's a personal-growth book based upon the Fab Four's legacy. The publisher is Beyond Words Publishing (, and the company is featuring the book as their lead title for this Fall Season.

The book cites seven "principles" that highlight how the Beatles achieved their legacy of phenomenal success. The book also shows readers how to deploy these principles in their own lives, helping them to achieve new heights of personal success, joy and inner peace.

Best-selling author Marianne Williamson says: "In this wise and entertaining book, a fresh new light is cast on the genius of the Fab Four." And "Publisher's Weekly" notes: "Beyond Words has what must be one of the more unique spirituality titles on the fall roster: "The Beatles Way" offers "Seven Foundations of Fab" for seekers who want to make the famed Liverpudlians their gurus."

The author (me!) Larry Lange - is a business and music industry journalist, and I was also a staff songwriter for a major music publisher for several years. I'm a first generation Beatles fan - I saw them on Ed Sullivan as a kid, and like many, fell madly in love with them.

As most Fab fans, of course we're all very familiar with the great music, but I've also been fascinated with the Beatles lifestyles, and emulated them - or tried to emulate them - many times during my own life. Like some of the well-known self-help books such as Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" - it hit me one day who's more highly effective than the Beatles?

The book happened pretty quickly then. I devised the seven principles of "Fab Wisdom," and then mined every single book, article and interview transcript ever published (probably thousands) on the Fabs, and gleaned their best quotes to underscore these principles.

The Seven Principles of Fab Wisdom:

1. Dream - How to use, like the Beatles did, the power of dreaming to get what you want.
2. Goals - The Beatles' strategy of setting and meeting goals as a "staircase climb."
3. Attitude - How to deal with fear of the unknown as you pursue your dreams.
4. Team - How to create and sustain a team that supports you and your dream.
5. Control - The importance of "DIY" (doing it yourself), and why you've got to keep tabs on all aspects of your dreams as they begin to manifest.
6. Evolve - How not to stagnate, but to keep your dreams developing just as the Beatles did.
7. Spirit - How a Beatle-like open-mindedness toward spirituality and social responsibility can enhance not just your life but possibly even the entire world.

It's a fun book - you could keep it on your nightstand - open to any page - and get a little Fab wisdom nugget. I've also created some action items at the end of each chapter/principle called "You're the Fifth Beatle!" which can enable you to take some Beatle-like steps in your own life.

To sum up - this book will help you discover the behind-the-scenes thinking on how our favorite four "scruffs" lived out every dream they ever had, and created a legacy of spirit, elegance, and joy. Further, you'll find out exactly how to incorporate this thinking in your own life.

It's my deepest wish that this book will energize your life, and also empower you to become truly "Fab!"

You can find "The Beatles Way: Fab Wisdom For Everyday Life" in major bookstores now, and also on and direct from the publisher at

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