Beatle puzzles in tin now marketed by Hasbro

Beatles Jigsaw Tin  Yellow Submarine
Beatles Jigsaw Tin  Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
A Hard Day's Night
Beatles Jigsaw Tin  Abbey Road

(1/2/03) From Patti Murawski:

Hasbro through it's Milton Bradley division is selling Beatles album jigsaw puzzles in collector's tins. There are four in all, each sold separately: Yellow Submarine , Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band , A Hard Day's Night , and Abbey Road .

The puzzles are two sided. Abbey Road has the album back cover on the reverse; for Sgt. Pepper it's the Sgt. Pepper drumhead; for Yellow Sub it's the final scene from the film, the AHDN one has a vintage early 60s photos of the fabs posing in front of a US flag.

The tins show the album covers on the front and the picture on the flip side of the puzzle on the back. On the sides of the tin: Abbey Road has the title over a brick wall, Sgt. Pepper has the Beatles photo from the centerfold of the album along the sides, Yellow Sub has the "All You Need Is Love" title from the song in the film, and AHDN has variations of the front cover with the title overprinted in red. My tins had a silver and black sticker with the Beatles logotype on them saying "Album Cover Puzzle, A collectible 2-Sided puzzle, 300 pieces." The puzzles are licensed by Apple Corps, Ltd. and are copyright 2002. The puzzles retail for $9.99.

Really cool item! Attractive to both Beatle fans and tin collectors; the tins are what really make these items special!

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