Denny Laine's "Holly Days" out on French CD Update (12/10/00)
You can ordered a copy of the "Holly Days" CD at

Update (11/21/00) We've obtained a copy of the CD. It has the album's original 10 tracks remastered in high definitition 24 bit. It sounds wonderful. To purchase the album, go to In addition to what we printed earlier, Linda sings background vocals on several tracks.

(11/11/00) Denny Laine's 1977 album "Holly Days" has been re-released on CD. Paul produced the album, and is also featured on guitar, drums, piano and vocals. Yann tells us:

Hi Steve,

I'm Yann from France. Congratulations for your site which is my main source of Beatles info. I recently bought something that I think I haven't heard about on your site (although I may have missed it, in that case, sorry !) This is a CD release of the Denny Laine album, "Holly Days", made of 10 Buddy Holly songs, and recorded on 4-track in Scotland in 1976, with huge help from Paul, who did all the backing tracks, according to the sleeve notes, and sang backing vocals, sometimes with Linda.

I knew about this album but I never heard about this re-release, which has been made by a French label specialized in 60's reissues. It's very recent as the reissue copyright is 2000. The label has an Internet site, .

I hope this info will be useful...


For more information, see this link.
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