New bio of George available as e-book Update (2/28/02) From author Elliot J. Huntley:

Shortly before George died you may recall me telling you about the e-book I had written on George. That has now been published into a "real" book by Xerostar Publishers in Australia (

To prove to you and your readers that my book does indeed exist, although it is very much fresh out of the printers I would like to direct your attention and hopefully visitors to your site to the following link:- This shows the making of the book in intricate step-by-step detail. Also at the link:-

Your visitors can read an article I've recently written for a spirituality magazine and can also download most of a sample chapter regarding The Concert For Bangladesh - to give everyone a feel for my book. There are also a couple of interesting George related facsimiles that I had no room to include in the book.

Regarding the Shapiro article (on Mark Shapiro's "All Things Must Pass - The Life of George Harrison", I'd like to quote back to you the following passage:

"I also suspect that with deadlines for proofing, printing, etc, Shapiro was under pressure to finish the book and get it out to capitalise on interest in George".

I am a life-long fan and was not under any pressure to finsih the book from unscrupulous publishers wishing to capitalise on the passing of my hero. The book celebrates George's solo career and his life and achievements since leaving The Beatles. It is a book by a fan, for fans I hope.

Thank you for your time.

Elliot J Huntley

Midi-ebooks is now offering, "George Harrison - Behind That Locked Door," a new biography of Harrison by British television writer Elliot J. Huntley. The biography covers the years 1969 to the present and examines George Harrison's career as both a musician and independent film producer. "Behind That Locked Door" focuses on the music found in Harrison's solo albums, tours and live appearances, his work with The Traveling Wilburys and his unreleased songs. The book also looks at his personal life, including his marriage to Patti Boyd, the "My Sweet Lord" plagiarism case, the reformation of The Beatles, the intruder who broke into his home and almost killed him in 1999 and his battles with cancer. Billed as "the very first in-depth critique of George's solo career," you can buy "Behind That Locked Door" at
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