Laurence Juber to release album of Beatle covers Update (6/20/00) The album is now available from by advance order.

Update (4/28/00) We've had the pleasure of not only hearing the CD, but recently seeing Laurence perform some of the songs live. He is a tremendous talent and wonderful to watch. And his non-Beatle solo material has been in our CD player a lot lately. We know you'll love the Beatle album. We're pleased to announce we've added a section for Laurence Juber in our Book-CD Recommendation section. The Beatle CD, however, is currently available only through Laurence's website and Acoustic Music Resource. It'll be in stores in June.

(2/4/00) Former Wings member Laurence Juber plans to release an album of Beatle covers. The release is set for March. Song titles (not in order): "Can't Buy Me Love," "Oh Darling!," "Let It Be," "Here Comes The Sun," "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," "This Boy," "For No One," "Strawberry Fields Forever," "Yesterday," "I Saw Her Standing There," "Things We Said Today," "Martha My Dear," "In My Life," and "You Won't See Me." The album will be available through Acoustic Music Resource and at the New York Beatlefest in March. (Thanks to Robin Eastburn, editor of the LJ News, and Lynn Harvey and Cathy Munro of the Macca-L mailing list.)