Beatles/Lennon/McCartney "Rock On Rom" discs (4/8/01) Three CD-ROMs in the "Rock on Rom" series -- on the Beatles, Paul McCartney and John Lennon -- will be released in the U.S. on May 8. (Note: If you can't wait, these are already available through See note at end.) "The Beatles/Rock on Rom" includes interviews with Kenny Everett, Victor Spinetti, Tony Sheridan, Roy Young and Howie Casey, plus a vintage newsreel. The "John Lennon Rock on Rom" has a biography, lyrics, both video and audio clips, a discography and a section on his FBI files. The video clips include some rare footage of John during the filming of "How I Won the War," plus clips from throughout his life and after his death, though not arranged chronologically. The "Paul McCartney Rock On Rom" has a discography (complete only to 1993), bio, pictures, video and audio interviews, a list of previous tours and an "archive" section that features audio clips by Denny Laine (none, to our knowledge, previously unreleased). There is no original Beatles or solo Beatle music on the discs. The Beatle disc includes music by Tony Sheridan and the updated Beat Brothers that was contained on the previously available "Legend: The History of the Beat Brothers" video on the Outlaw Records label. The McCartney disc contains previously released clips by Denny Laine. All three discs say they will work on both PCs and Macs. In summary, there's very little earthshattering on these discs, but the nice thing is that they're not very expensive.

(Note: These discs are already available outside the U.S. You can get "The Beatles: Rock On Rom", "John Lennon: Rock On Rom" and "Paul McCartney: Rock on Rom" through
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