Paul, Linda books due (5/22/00) Three books, one about Paul and two about Linda are upcoming. "Paul McCartney: Paintings" features 75 paintings by Paul. From the press release:

"Published for the first time, here are 75 paintings created by Paul McCartney that reveal him as a powerful artist exploring the crossover between music and painting. ... Since 1982, Paul McCartney has found his work on canvas despite a respite from the world and another outlet for his creativity. Last year he exhibited his work for the first time in Siegen, Germany. Now, in "Paul McCartney: Paintings," he shares this work with a larger audience. Full of intense color, these paintings reveal McCartney's positive spirit as well as a visual sophistication influenced by his friendship with Willem deKooning. Beautifully designed and produced, the portfolio of paintings is accompanied by candid photographs by Linda McCartney, a collection of critical texts and a lengthy interview with Paul McCartney.
  • The paintings featured in the book have never before been published in the trade.
  • Many of Linda McCartney's accompanying photos have never been published before either.
  • Highest quality design and production make this a handsome art and gift package.
  • The extensive text provides insight into McCartney's vision as an artist and musician.
  • "Paul McCartney: Paintings" is due in September.

    "Linda McCartney's World of Vegetarian Cooking" is a paperback version of "Linda McCartney On Tour," which was nominated for the 1999 Jacob's Creek World Food Media Award as best hardcover recipe book. The book will be published in February. also lists a forthcoming book called Light From Within" by Linda. We have no information on it, but publication date is listed as September, 2001. This news item brought to you by Abbeyrd's Beatles Page