Ex-U.S. manager of Apple publishes new book Update (7/4/00) A review of "The Beatles, the Bible and Bodega Bay: My Long and Winding Road" from Terry Ott (thanks, Terry!):

"Former Capitol and Apple Records major domo, Ken Mansfield, has written a book entitled: "The Beatles, The Bible, and Bodega Bay - My Long And Winding Road." A curious mix of past recollections and present day musings on faith and the meaning of life, this book is somewhat of a tiny goldmine of Beatle revelations. First, as a Capitol Records executive based in LA, Mansfield relates his first impressions of the Beatles - although he supported them,he really didn't think they would be that big - to his experiences with Apple as it's US manager. There is a great quote from John on the Beatles success in the US. "Conquering America was the best thing...we realized we could make it because there was four of us. None of us could have made it on our own because Paul wasn't strong enough, I didn't have enough girl appeal, George was too quiet, and Ringo was a drummer..." Mansfield relates his experiences with John- whom he was closest to - as being very bittersweet. Evidently, if John trusted someone, he was very hard on them. Mansfield was constantly getting angry notes from John about perceived injustices regarding Apple product. John once accused Mansfield of being a "tight-assed censor," for turning down one rather bizarre project, as well as the hullabaloo over the "Two Virgins" album. Mansfield writes that the nude cover shot was sprung on him at the last moment, but was supported by Paul McCartney, who trusted in Lennon's artistic vision. Check this book out, because along with being very different, its got some great memorabillia pictures of Fabs stuff.You can even Email Ken at: kenmansfield@fabwhitebook.com, or check out his Website at www.fabwhitebook.com "

Update: The book has a website at http://www.fabwhitebook.com/. The site contains pictures and a section from the book. (Thanks to Wendy Starr.)

(6/9/00) Ken Mansfield, who was the former U.S. manager of Apple Records, has recently published his autobiography, "The Beatles, the Bible and Bodega Bay: My Long and Winding Road" (Broadman & Holman). The 314-page book interweaves his career with Apple Records in the '60s with his later spiritual reawakening. The book includes numerous unseen private pictures from Mansfield's private collection of the Beatles, most in black-and-white, but some in color.
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