Just out: "The Official Abbey Road Cafe Guide to The Beatles London" (8/2/00) From Richard Porter (thanks, Richard!):

Out Now - "The Official Abbey Road Cafe Guide to The Beatles London". Published by the Abbey Road Cafe

ISBN number 0 9538759

Written by Richard Porter - professional Beatles tour guide and former editor 'Off the Beatle Track' magazine.

Richard has been guiding tours of the Beatles London for over 10 years and has been gathering information on Beatles Sites for all that time. Also, as editor of 'Off the Beatle Track' magazine he has interviewed many people who worked with the Beatles, including Alistair Taylor, Brian Epstein's personal assistant, top record producer Alan Parsons and top DJ Kenny Everett. Their stories are featured throughout the book.

The book also features scores of previously unpublished and rarely photos, including The Beatles at their homes and in Abbey Road Studios.

The book includes a walking tour of Beatles sites in Central London and also details of sites further out from the centre.

Places included in the book include Abbey Road Studios, the former 'Apple' building at 3 Savile Row, the Beatles homes, offices, recording studios and many others. However the book is more about the people that frequented the buildings, rather than the buildings themselves.

In the book you can find out what John Lennon was doing outside some public toilets in 1966; which famous Beatles song was recorded in a studio next to a strip club; how some ladies tights saved an important Beatles event; and who were the 'Apple Scruffs'.

Richard's tours have been featured on television in the UK, USA, Israel, Australia, Germany, Russia and Holland and in scores of newspapers around the world. The Scotsman newspaper said of his tour, "Richard's appetite for Beatlefacts is both daunting and inspirational. Even when standing on a dull corner of 94 Baker St, where the Apple Shop (an employment agency now) briefly and somewhat controversially came to psychedelic life back in 1967, Richard blossoms with sheer likeability, his enthusiasm fertilised by a rush of information....the man is unassailable, a pro. Agog we listen, unswerving, rapt." Fodor's London 2000 called Richard's 'Magical Mystery Tour' "Quintessential London" and "a wonderful stroll down memory lane ...Yeah Yeah Yeah!"

The Forward of the book is written by Jeff Jarrett, now a leading record producer who worked with the Beatles on the 'Abbey Road' album.

The book retails at 8.95

For more information on the book, please see Richard's website at http://members.xoom.com/londonbeatle/ or you can order it here.

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