New DVD coming: "John Lennon -- The Messenger"

(9/4/02) A new DVD, "John Lennon -- The Messenger," will be released in the U.S. on Sept. 10, according to a listing on Though we don't have any information on the U.S. release, it's already available in a Region 2 release from for DVD players in the UK (and region free players in the U.S.). From the description: "A collection of Lennon interview footage comprising a DVD, audio CD and 32-page "super colour" booklet, "John Lennon: The Messenger" is rather optimistically billed as the "Essential John Lennon", an impression the makers hope to consolidate through imperiously smart packaging. Be sure to read the small print on the back, however. This is an unofficial programme and as such does not contain any music or performances by either the Beatles or John Lennon ... "John Lennon: The Messenger" consists of cobbled-together decades-old interview material that hardly benefits from DVD presentation. There are "bonus" text-only biography and discographies, as well as an additional audio CD thrown together as haphazardly as the DVD from sundry old Beatles/Lennon interviews, in which you're left to figure out for yourself where they are and what they are talking about."

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