New book explores Beatle movies Update (9/29/99) We've had a chance to go through the book and recommend it. Lots of detailed info and trivia to keep you absorbed.

(8/26/99) A press release we received:

“So full of information; information that was very scarce in those early years.” -Victor Spinetti

At long last, the Fab Four’s adventures in the world of motion pictures have been thoroughly chronicled! The product of years of research, "Act Naturally" documents and examines every film project John, Paul, George and Ringo have personally been involved with -- from 1963 to 1999! Not merely satisfied with covering "A Hard Day’s Night," "Help!," "Magical Mystery Tour," "Yellow Submarine," and "Let It Be," this fascinating volume also tracks down even the most rare and obscure movies featuring a direct participation by one or more of the lads from Liverpool!

While the Beatles’ catalogue of sounds has been analyzed countless times over, it has taken until now before somebody has truly delved into the collective and individual filmwork of Messrs. Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starkey. Aside from music, the one avocation that all four shared an acute interest in was motion pictures. And just as their four distinct personalities breathed depth and life into the rock and roll combo known as the Beatles, John, Paul, George and Ringo each embarked upon a different relationship with the medium of film.

"Act Naturally" expertly probes each of these relationships; training the spotlight on almost four decades of fab filmwork! If at least one component of the Fab Four has willingly and purposefully appeared in, narrated, directed, produced, written for, or contributed any kind of music specifically to a movie, documentary, or concert film – whether it be for cinema, home video, or television – it will be chronicled within the pages of this book!

But this authoritative guide digs even deeper! "Act Naturally" also explores the lives and careers of the casts and crews that greatly assisted in the Beatles having a film legacy to leave behind. In addition, the book scrutinizes each of the promotional films (music videos) the group produced during their collective career; including filming dates and locations, original broadcast dates, and directors. Want more? How about working titles, foreign titles, filming dates and locations, budgets, premieres, soundtrack albums, awards and nominations, quotes, inspirations, books, rumors, scrapped movie ideas, and unreleased films! It’s all detailed in this treasure chest of information!

Victor Spinetti, veteran of three Beatles movies, wrote the Foreword to "Act Naturally." In graciously sharing his recollections about his up close and personal experiences with the Fab Four, Mr. Spinetti provides the reader with a unique perspective from one who witnessed Beatlemania from inside “that Tornado of madness.” Over 30 years after last working with the band, Mr. Spinetti admits, “I am still one of the biggest Beatle fans around” and encourages the reader to “Enjoy this book as I did.”

"Act Naturally" is available from Chasdon Publishing as a limited first edition for only $21.95 plus shipping. Limited to 10,000 copies, each first edition is individually numbered and hand-signed by the author, Shawn Huff. Act Naturally may be ordered online at as well as via our toll-free order line: 888-232-9212.