Alf Bicknell's new book (3/25/99) We received this news today from Glitter Books:


The Ultimate Beatles Tour Diary!

By Alf Bicknell, with Alasdair Ferguson

Endorsed by Paul McCartney & George Harrison

**** May 1999 ** 1-902588-01-0 ** 120 x 170 mm ** 208 pp ** £5.95/ $9.95**illustrated ****

“Alf Bicknell was originally hired to be the Beatles’ chauffeur in 1964, and although he drove us everywhere for the following few years, he did so much more than that. Along with Neil Aspinall and Mal Evans, Alf lived moment to moment with the Beatles through those years, sharing every moment from dawn to dawn in cars, planes, trains, hotels, concert halls; every minute of those tours – Alf was present. He was friend/ protector/ bodyguard and confidante, serving us throughout the fun. But also the tough times.” - George Harrison

“Not everyone you meet is loyal, not everyone is someone you can trust, and not everyone is a likeable person. But Alf scored easily on all three points. He came with us through the craziness, the emotion the fun and the nonsense and I was always glad to have had him on our side.” - Sir Paul McCartney

Here for the first time are Alf Bicknell’s fascinating memoirs on the road with The Beatles. Ticket To Ride encompasses the British tour of 1964, the American tour of 1965 – including their legendary meeting with Elvis Presley at his Los Angeles mansion – and their final American tour of 1966, including Shea Stadium and the last ever live concert in San Francisco. He was present during the recording of the seminal albums Rubber Soul and Revolver, and during the shooting of the film Help! He was with them on a fraught trip to the Philippines, and when they met such other stars as Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan – and also when LSD first came on the group menu.

All in all, Ticket to Ride is the most revealing, candid and reliable journal of that turbulent period of Beatles history ever published. A ‘must have’ for all Beatles fans.

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