BBC, other sessions on CD-ROMs: (9/12/97) We originally didn't believe it. How could you get the all the available BBC sessions (and then some) on one CD-ROM? Well, it's true. We've seen it and given it a test drive. "The Beatles -- The Complete BBC Sessions" on CD-ROM is an amazing piece of software. It includes all 9 discs of the Great Dane set, plus the extra 10th disc, "Here We Go," plus an 11th disc, "The Beatles At the Beeb -- TV" all on one CD-ROM, along with documentation and graphics for the GD set and the additional discs all included on the disc in HTML format. Though originally designed for IBM computers (which is what we tested it on), it will apparently work on Macs as well, just from a review we read in the 910. For more information, see Rumor has it their next CD-ROM will concentrate on the "Get Back Sessions." Are CD-ROMs the bootleg wave of the future? We hear another manufacturer had issued two more with 12 hours each of Beatle outtakes and live material.