Book news: "Revolution in the Head" revised, plus other recent releases: (2/15/98) Ian MacDonald's "Revolution in the Head" (Fourth Estate Ltd., ISBN 1-850702-684-5) has been issued in a revised hardback edition in the U.K. The new edition, about 100 pages bigger, larger in size and with a new cover, adds information about the new releases from "Live at the BBC" through the "Anthology" series, while expanding entries throughout. Also seen: "Hamburg: The Cradle of British Rock" by Alan Clayson. (Sanctuary Publishing Limited in the UK, ISBN 1-86074-221-1), author of previous bios of George and Ringo, as well as the "Backbeat" book. Clayson's book goes through what it is was like to work as a fledgling group in Hamburg giving accounts of the Fabs and others, and "Sgt. Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band" by Allan F. Moore (Cambridge Music Handbooks, ISBN 0 521 57381 5/hardback, 0 521 57484 6/paperback), a slim but scholarly study on the album that examines it song-by-song and looks at the context of the times it was written in. We've also seen "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Beatles" by Richard Buskin, an interesting addition to that series that started with computer books that goes through all phases of the Fab Four, and has an introduction by New York Times' Beatle expert Allan Kozinn.