Beatles book from Sweden: Update (1/26/99) Carl Magnus Palm has sent us this updated info on his book:


This is just to tell you that I have found another, cheaper source for Non-Swedish customers interested in buying my book Beatles Beatles. This is the information as it appears on my Beatles page (

If you are interested in buying the book, but live outside Sweden, you can send enquiries via e-mail to Swedish Beatles specialists Skivservice, who sell it at SEK 150.00 (approx. $19.00). Another source is Akademibokhandeln, who sell it at SEK 194.00 (approx. $24.00).

The e-mail address for Skivservice is

I hope the new year finds you well.

Best regards,

Carl Magnus Palm

(6/6/98) Carl Magnus Palm has written a Beatles biography for the Swedish market called "Beatles Beatles." The text is in Swedish, but it contains some very nice rare photos. The book is available outside Sweden for approximately $24. For information on ordering the book, see Palm is author of several other books, including a couple on another of our favorites, ABBA.