New book, "The Beatles-From Cavern to Star-Club," gives new information about Sheridan, Decca, Quarrymen sessions:
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(9/19/97) A press release we received: "The Beatles-From Cavern to Star-Club" is a meticulously researched chronology and discography of The Beatles' recordings from 1957 up until 1962.

Hans Olof Gottfridsson has mapped out from unreleased tapes, documents and interviews with key persons this legendary period of The Beatles' early career. For the first time ever all significant dates and recordings are covered, from the moment when John and Paul met at the Woolton Garden Fete in 1957 to the last Star-Club recordings in Hamburg during December 1962.

The book contains a complete review of all German, English, French, Swedish and American releases of songs which were recorded during this period and released up until 1970. All singles, EP's and LP's are depicted. Every release has been priced according to rarity and collector's item status. The author has succeeded in tracing-previously believed to be lost forever-the original protocols from the Polydor recordings, which show beyond any doubt that The Beatles did record "Swanee River". The book features the first complete facsimile reproduction of Polydor recording sheets, contracts and much more. Once and for all it is now made clear which of the Tony Sheridan releases The Beatles actually took part in and played on.

vinyl ep A vinyl EP is enclosed. The record contains four tracks with The Beatles and Tony Sheridan. The original 1962 version of "Sweet Georgia Brown" is released here for the first time ever in stereo! Comprises more than 400 illustrations, including lots of photos of rare records and acetates. This is the most comprehensive book available on the subject and it reveals new information about early Beatles history. An essential sourcebook both for seasoned collectors and for those just starting out.

Written contributions from Tony Sheridan, John Duff Lowe (The Quarry Men) and Bill Harry (founder of legendary music paper Mersey Beat.)

Interviews with, amongst others, the original Quarry Men members Rod Davis, Len Garry, Colin Hanton and John Duff Lowe, plus Johnny "Guitar" Byrne (Rory Storm and The Hurricanes) and Roy Young (who played piano on some of the recordings The Beatles and Tony Sheridan made together in Hamburg), as well as Karl Hinz and Gunther Sorensen, two former sound engineers at Polydor in Hamburg who recorded The Beatles. Forward by Professor Toru Mitsui, Kanazawa University, Japan.

"The Beatles-From Cavern To Star-Club"-480 pages. Hardbound. Published by Premium Publishing, Box 100 79, S-100 55, Stockholm Sweden. Tel: +46-8-662 11 85 Fax: +46-8-662 84 30 Weight: 1.8 kilo. ISBN 91-971894-7-2. Email address: (The book is also available from Beatlefest.) In England, the book is available from Turnaround and may be contacted on (UK) 0181 829 3000. Cost is 35.00 for the book plus 5.50 postage and packing, and they accept credit card orders over the phone. Samples of pages are available at