Dinosaur Music issues audio documentaries: (4/13/97) Dinosaur Music has issued three very interesting Beatle audio documentaries on CD. The most fascinating to us is "Another Clue For You All," which features the audio soundtrack to a 1969 TV special, "Paul McCartney: Told For the First and Last Time." This was an examination of the Paul Is Dead phenomenon at the height of the hysteria, hosted by none other than attorney (and future Dream Team member) F. Lee Bailey. Bailey seems predetermined to come to a certain conclusion because he seems more receptive to evidence that Paul is dead and skeptical when presented with evidence he isn't. The most telling moment revealing the ludicrousness of it the whole PID theory comes when Peter Asher of Peter & Gordon (who should know, since his sister was dating Paul!) gives Bailey the definitive word -- that Paul is indeed alive and many of the clues are in the minds of those who found them -- and Bailey doesn't believe him. Even if you feel, like we do, that the Paul Is Dead legend is pure foolishness, this disc is a fascinating and historic look back at that craziness at the time it happened. Also issued by Dinosaur are "Give My Regards To Rush Street," an excellent quality McCartney interview from 1984, and "Backwards Beatles," a detailed audio study of the use of backwards tapes in Beatle music, a great companion to the Greg Panfile piece we have on our site. All three are available from Dinosaur's web site . Dinosaur plans to issue three more audio documentaries in July. We look forward to them.