Swedish group releases tribute to "Abbey Road": (3/3/98) The Swedish group Lenny Pane has released "Abbey Road Live," a CD of their live radio broadcast tribute to the "Abbey Road" album. The album, recorded in English with the "Abbey Road Orchestra," features all the tracks from the "Abbey Road" album (yes, including "Her Majesty") recreated using identical arrangements. The cover, of course, is patterned after the original album with the four members of the group walking across a zebra-striped railroad crossing. We've been having a lot of fun listening to it and recommend it. U.S. purchase info: The CD is 100 Swedish Crowns (which is about 13 U.S. dollars) and the package and postage is 50 SEK (which is about 7 U.S. dollars). There's also an additional charge of 5 U.S. dollars to compensate for exchange costs. The total amount of $25 U.S. dollars can be sent by mail and the CD will be delivered within a week or two. You can see artwork from the album, plus hear audio outtakes at (English) or http://www.softronic.se/lennypane (Swedish).