New book collects writings about the Fabs: (8/18/98) A new book, "In My Life: Encounters With the Beatles," edited by Robert Cording, Shelli Jankowski-Smith and E.J. Miller Laino (Fromm International Publishing Corp., ISBN 0-88064-192-4, features a collection of essays, poetry and fiction about the Beatles and their influence on music and culture from over 50 authors including Stu Sutcliffe, Leonard Bernstein, Timothy Leary, Greil Marcus, Allen Ginsberg, Tom Wolfe, Phillip Norman and others. It's not your standard Beatles reader, but a varied collection of thoughts and artistic expressions. If you're wondering, the Stu Sutcliffe item is a portion of a letter to Ken Horton (reprinted from the "Backbeat" book) in which Sutcliffe sounds off about his life as a Liverpool musician.