Rhino releases "Flaming Pie" video: Update (5/25/98) http://www.laserviews.com/dvd-news.html says "Paul McCartney: In the World Tonight" will be released on DVD July 21. The promotional description:
"In The World Tonight" marks Paul's aim to get back to the fun and simplicity of recording--as typified on his first solo album, "McCartney"--and has been influenced by his recent work on "The Beatles Anthology." There are two Paul McCartneys. The legend and the man. History tells the legend but here, for the first time, is revealed the man--in a human and humorous study that intimately captures him offbeat, at work and at ease as he makes his acclaimed solo album "Flaming Pie." Relaxed, revealing, rocking and real, this candid view puts you in his world tonight. Includes video clips from his "Flaming Pie" album.
No indication if the "video clips" will be ones not included in the original video. (Thanks to Cuotdsotm)

(9/18/97) Rhino has confirmed they are releasing "Paul McCartney: In the World Tonight" on Nov. 18. The video, which retails for $19.98, features performances of all the songs and behind-the-scenes footage of Paul and George Martin cooking up "Flaming Pie." (Cover scan courtesy of Good Day Sunshine's Matt Hurwitz. Thanks again, Matt!)