RMB issues own "Butcher Covers": (8/11/97) "Butcher Covers" is a tribute tape honoring the Fabs, and performed by members of rec.music.beatles. A number of RMB regulars and lurkers play and sing on the collection, and the cassette tape includes liner notes and other goodies for your listening and reading pleasure.

ButcherCoversAs saki explains, "We're doing this project out of love for the Beatles, and because it's a non-profit effort---singers donated their time and talents---and privately distributed (since we can't afford the royalties!) we're not selling the tape. But we'd like to request, if you can, that you help us with the cost of tape duplication and postage for each package you order.

"We managed to convince a kind benefactor to loan us the funds to cover initial taping and mailing costs, but we have to pay him back. So if you'd be willing to donate $5.50, which covers our cost for the cassette, quality duplication, mailing within the United States and Canada, and an information packet on rmb's talented artists, we'd be very grateful.

"I'll be handling the orders and tracking the shipping, so if you'd like to forward a check (payable to Richard Cook) or cash, I'll make sure the tape package gets to you forthwith. You can send the donation to saki, c/o UCLA Law School room 2346, 405 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles CA 90095."

This tape, both the packaging and the contents, are a lot of fun. You'll enjoy it...we did.