Byrdmaniax is simply an electronic mailing list of fans of the Byrds (and related individuals and groups). The purpose of the mailing list is to promote discussion of the Byrds, its former members and their music.

Individuals on the mailing list post notes to a central e-mail address (rrussell@q-net.net), and once a week a digest is compiled containing all of the messages. The digest is sent free to all subscribers.

Anyone with an Internet e-mail address can subscribe. There is no fee.

Fans are encouraged to post notes to this address on any subject relating to the Byrds (and individuals or groups such as Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, Clarence White, the Desert Rose Band, Flying Burrito Brothers, etc.)

Any topic is fair game: tour dates (for McGuinn or the other active ex- members), reviews of old and new releases, inquiries on bootlegs, lyrics and tape trading, tablature, critiques of songs, trivia, concert reviews, tape trees, questions about current goings-on of former members, etc.

These messages will be compiled once a week and posted in the Byrdmaniax Digest. The mailing list/digest is most useful when you participate on as regular a basis as you can. Please forward to the digest any news you see or hear about the Byrds and former members!

Those interested may subscribe at http://www.waxing-eloquent.com/byrds/Byrdmaniax.html. For more information, email richard@waxing-eloquent.com .

Richard Russell
Byrdmaniax mailing list administrator