Pictures of Sir Paul McCartney and London
(October, 1997)

Photos taken by Richard Cook. We thank Richard for allowing us to use some of his photos. These photos may not be reproduced without permission of Mr. Cook.

Across Abbey Road

From right to left, Richard Cook, Jennifer DeBernardis, Amy Parker and Joyce Slavik walk across Abbey Road

Paul arrives for press conference

Sir Paul arrives for press conference at Royal Albert Hall. That's Martha Rubenstein (with the flaming red hair, back to camera).

Handwritten lyrics for

Handwritten lyrics for "Yesterday" housed in the British Museum

Handwritten lyrics for Help

Handwritten lyrics for "Help!"

Sir Paul applause

Sir Paul acknowledges applause at the premiere of "Standing Stone"

hmv crowd

Some of the crowd who slept outside the HMV Shop in London the night before Sir Paul's appearance. In the foreground, with the huge smile, is Dorothy Hudson. Lynn is foreground right.

Sir Paul enters HMV

Sir Paul enters HMV store for autograph session

autograph signing

Sir Paul meets Macca-L member Jennifer DeBernardis at HMV. As Jennifer describes it, "Paul signing my autograph and me reaching out to shake his hand, one of the three times I shook his hand in those two minutes! No, I wasn't nervous! Finally having an opportunity to shake his hand and say "Thank you!" after all these years was the fulfillment of a dream come true...Guess I got a bit carried away!"


Left to right, Macca-L'rs Dorothy Hudson, Richard Cook, Lynn, Joyce Slavik and Jennifer DeBernardis with items autographed by Sir Paul.

Thanks to Jennifer DeBernardis for providing some of the caption information.

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