Christmas Time Is Hear Again

A look at a fantasy holiday wishlist by one Beatle fan 

By Terry Ott

And so it used to be in the good olde days-say from December 1964 to December 1967-the Fab Four and their
monolithic record company Capitol/EMI, would bring forth a major Beatles release just in time for the

So during the aforementioned years, the breathless and needy fans could expect at least a single or two and
most likely an album, which was sure to find its way into millions of Baby Boomers-and other-homes as a
welcome and coveted Christmas gift.

Some famous Christmas-time Fabs releases include Beatles 65, Rubber Soul-which may have been the most
"given" Beatle record, ever-and Magical Mystery Tour.

Now in keeping with the spirit of that time,and in the traditional, "Twelve Days of Christmas," I propose the
following "wish list" of potential Beatles late year releases for your viewing pleasure:

On the first day of Christmas... "From Then To You Redux" Issued on Apple as a special to Beatles fan Club
members back in 1970, this is a compilation of the generally silly/stupid Beatles "Christmas Records,"
dating between 1963 to 1969. The Redux edition would include out-takes from the crazy sessions that
produced what in effect were not really Christmas records, but rather novelty items. Not their finest

On the second day of Christmas ... "The Beatles Live In America, 1964-5"
This release would include the complete 1964 and 1965 Hollywood Bowl concerts, the February 1964 Carnegie
Hall concert, and the 1964-5 Ed Sullivan performances. This would be 2 CD set, and contain many rare and
unseen Fab photos, as well as detailed liner notes and the Lads in snippets of press torture.

On the third day of Christmas ... "Meet The Beatles," "The Beatles Second Album,"
"Something New," "A Hard Day's Night," "Beatles 65," "Help," and "Beatles VI." ALL IN TRUE STEREO AND ALL WITH TRUE MONO COMPANION RELEASE

OK, OK, some may see this as a rip-off, but like it or not, these are the variations that tens of millions of
North American's grew up listening to.So to re-state this fact, the inclusion of a stereo/mono combo will
satisfy those that bought them in mono originally (about 75%) as well as the minority of hi-fi stereo
pioneers of the era. In fact, conduct a little test: Find one of these old records and then tell me that
you don't know the sequence of songs in your head, like you know the back of your hand. A splendid time
guaranteed for all, with the album covers you all know and love.

On the fourth day of Christmas ... "Anthology 4"
This one would lead off another series and would concentrate on the period between 1962-4. But instead
of works in progress, screw-ups, etc., this would be a single 80 minute CD containing well known songs, but
in complete alternate versions.

On the fifth day of Christmas ... "Anthology 5"
Ditto for format, concentrating on the period between 1965 and 1966, which is, some say, the Fabs best.

On the sixth day of Christmas ... "Anthology 6" 2CD set
Ditto format again, between 1967 and 1968, which takes in the acid period, and the beginning of the end.

On the seventh day of Christmas ... "Anthology 7" 2CD set
Slightly different in that it would include a lot of the jamming done from 1969, but still include only
finished versions of songs from the era of Get Back/Let it Be, and Abbey Road.

On the eighth of Christmas ... "The Alternate Singles Collection"
This would be a complete collection of Beatle singles, but in any number of alternate takes.

On the ninth day of Christmas ... "The Complete Rarities"
This would include the US and UK versions of the "Rarities" albums, plus the special "Promo Only"

On the tenth day of Christmas ... "The Complete Sgt. Pepper Sessions" 2CD set
This would be a straight mono/stereo offering on one disc, and a second of out-takes and alternates from
the historic recording sessions at Abbey Road, with some recorded comments from Sir George Martin.

On the eleventh day of Christmas ... "The Complete White Album Sessions" 2CD set
Again, mono/stereo and lots of alts and outs. Hey! Did you know there are about 10 takes of Revolution Number
9! But seriously ladies and germs, this could be a great one. MUST HAVE COMPLETE 29 MINUTE TAKE OF HELTER SKELTER!!!!

And on the twelfth, and FINAL day of Christmas ... "The Beatles Number 1, Flips"
Exact replicate of Number 1, 'cept that the songs included would all be the "B" sides of the original
number 1's.

Now if there were more days of Christmas, I could have thrown in, "The Complete Twickenham Sessions," "The
Complete Apple Studios Sessions," and "The Complete Rooftop Concert," but that, as the late great, George
Harrison might said, may be "all too much."

Happy Christmas! And please feel free to offer your own adds, and or subtracts.

--33 1/3--