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Beatle resources page

Beatle magazine, fan club and newsletter subscription info

Information for this page can be emailed to abbeyrd@abbeyrd.best.vwh.net.
All information subject to editing.

  • Across the Universe: P O Box 754, Epping, NSW, 2121Australia. Now issued 3 times a year in CD format (one every 4 months starting April 2003). New postal address : Across The Universe, P O Box 422, Concord West NSW, Australia 2138. Annual subscriptions are: Australia $25, New Zealand $25 (Aust), USA/Canada/Japan $30 (US), UK/Europe/Sth America $35 (US or 20 pounds (UK). Aust Subscribers please send cheques or money orders only made payable to Ian MacCarthy. Overseas subscribers please send cash only in a registered enevlope. Website: http://www.atu-fanzine.0catch.com/. For information, email Robyn Hunter at lucydiamond9@yahoo.com.
  • The Beatle Beat: P.O. Box 591, Stillwater, MN 55082. Published six times a year. Subscription rates are $15 per year in the U.S. and $20 a year outside the U.S. Sample copy for $4.00. All money must be in U.S. funds with checks and money orders made payable to The Beatle Beat. For more information people can e-mail me at thebeatlebeat@hotmail.com.

  • Beatlefan: P.O. Box 33515, Decatur, GA. 30033. Long-established publication with extremely thorough and detailed coverage of Beatle history, news and releases. Six issues per subscription. $15 U.S., $19 Canada and Mexico, $25 in the UK, Europe and Latin America, $27 elsewhere. U.S. funds only.
  • Beatlefan/EXTRA!: P.O. Box 33515, Decatur, GA. 30033. Extremely timely news updates for Beatlefan available by fax or mail. 18 issues by first class mail are $31 U.S., $33 Canada and Mexico, $34 outside North America. In the U.S., fax subscriptions are $36 per year, $27 for 12, $15 for six. Outside U.S., 18 issues by fax are $41 Canada, $57 Western Europe and Mexico, $66 South America, $75 elsewhere.
  • The Beatles Fanclub of Norway: P.O.Box 2196, N-6502 Kristiansund N, Norway. Fanclub/fanzine/membership pin/social events/trips, publishes magazine called Norwegian Wood, four issues a year. Chairman: Svein Sivertsen, editor: Tore Waskaas. email: swaag@online.no (club), tore.waskaas@c2i.net (fanzine). Cost: 235 NOK ( Norwegian kroner, the local currency. One GBP/Great British Pound = 11 NOK. One USD/United States Dollar = 6,50 NOK.) Home page: http://www.norwegianwood.org .

  • Beatles Unlimited: P.O. Box 602, 3430 AP nieuwegein, The Netherlands. Excellent fan magazine out of Holland, published bi-monthly. Includes international news, interviews, news on both legitimate and bootleg releases, and regular columns on books, charts, videos, audio in all formats and more. Annual subscription rates: In bank notes, by registrated mail, a subscription costs Dutch fl 40 (December '96 rates : UK £17, USA $27 or Germany DM 40). By International Money Order (IMO) from the post office: Dfl 40 (Is a mandat de Poste International with code MP 1, from Japan and Europe only). Personal cheques, USA only, are charged with $2 extra, please send $29. Personal cheques, UK only, are charged with £2 extra, please send £19. Personal cheques, from any other country have to be in Dutch guilders and must include Dfl 15 extra, please send Dfl 55. Eurocheques, including your name, address, passnumber (on the back) and signature are charged with Dfl 2, please send Dfl 42. Giro account payments, to our giro account 3.977.778 must be in Dutch guilders and are charged with Dfl 6,50 extra, please send Dfl 46,50 guilders. For the Beatles Unlimited website, click here.
  • The Beatletter: P.O. Box 13, St. Clair Shores, Michigan. 48080-0013. Published four times a year in January, April, July and October. Average issue is 10 to 12 pages, 8-1/2 x 11. Annual subscription rates (4 issues): $10 in USA; $13 in Canada & Mexico; $15 elsewhere. All checks must be drawn on an American bank in US dollars, or postal money order in US dollars and must be made payable to the publisher, James N. McNally. A publication aimed at serious collectors, very detailed and full of useful info. "We do not report on rumors, who is sleeping with whom, or what George got for his birthday. We stress accurate and technical information. Virtually every author of serious Beatles books receives our publication, as do the major dealers in Beatles memorabilia. Many contribute on a regular basis." Back issues available. Sample issue: $3 in US; $5 elsewhere. Email: beatletter@juno.com or jmcnally@worldnet.att.net.
  • Beatlology Magazine: Glossy mag published six times a year focusing on Beatle collectibles and memorabilia and featuring articles by experienced collectors including Perry Cox, Mitch McGeary, Frank Caiazzo and Bruce Spizer. Subscription rates: North American: $24 U.S., $36 Canada. International: $30 U.S., $45 Canada. For more information, see their website at http://www.beatlology.com or call toll-free at 1-888-0826. Send payment by personal check or international money order to Beatology Subscriptions, P.O. Box 90, 260 Adelaide St. E., Toronto, ON M5A 1N1 Canada.

  • Beatles Video Digest: P.O. Box 13322, Des Moines, IA 50310-0322. Published since Summer, 1993. Quarterly newsletter that reviews commercial video releases and tapes from all over the world that are making the rounds of the trading circles. $15.00 yearly (four issues). Free classified ads for subscribers. Special note: The magazine will end publication in the year 2000. Three more issues are planned. Subscription prices will be adjusted accordingly for those who want to sign up for the remaining issues. Email BtlVidDgst@aol.com.
  • Daytrippin': Thirty-two page Beatles fan magazine featuring professionally written articles by rock journalists as well as fans. Each issue contains in-depth articles on Beatles history, current news, Beatle people, places and events of today. Convention/event calendar included in every issue. Established 1997. Published quarterly. Subscriptions: $15 per year in U.S.; $17 in Canada and Mexico; or $23 overseas. U.S. Funds ONLY. Checks made payable to: Daytrippin', 1730 N. Lynn St., Suite A-14, Arlington, VA 22209-2004. Website: http://www.daytrippin.com.

  • Friends of the Beatles: Cost: NZ$20.00 and includes a 8 page Newsletter/Magazine published 4 times a year, a numbered membership card and a membership Badge. The address is Friends Of The Beatles, P.O.Box 70041, Ranui, Auckland 1008, New Zealand. Phone number is (09)8336200.

  • The Harrison Alliance: Fanzine for George in operation since 1972. Address: P.O. Box 53, Bristol, CT 06011-0053 U.S.A.. Write with SASE for current subscription info.

  • The 910: P.O. Box 161, Jackson, N.J. 08527. Concentrates on unreleased Beatle songs and releases, but also discusses legitimate releases. Six newsletters a year, sold on a per-volume basis: $22.50 U.S.; $25 Canada and Mexico, $30 South America; $34 Europe, except $35 Sweden, Finland and Norway; $37 Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Email: Doug Sulpy, editor or Steve Shorten, associate editor.
  • Octopus' Garden: quarterly newsletter, $12 annually in the U.S., $18 elsewhere. Send payment (U.S. funds only) to the magazine, 21 Montclair Ave., NJ 07044 USA.

  • Réseau Québécois des Ami(e)s des Beatles: C.P. 37032, 900, Boul. René-Lévesque Est, Québec City, Québec, Canada, G1R 5P5. In French. Four publications per year. Email : turgeonp@qbc.clic.net. Phone: 418-877-8687 or fax 418-683-9066 Canada 14,00$ Can. U.S.A., Europe and elsewhere 17,00$ in Canadian currency.
  • Tokyo Beatles Fan Club Magazine: 4-6-304 Toyotama-Kita, Nerima-Ku, Tokyo #176, JAPAN. $27 U.S., or £15 UK. 4 issues a year. Send cash (by registered mail) or by bank transfer to Ikebukuro branch in Tokyo of Citibank, N.A. account #6706851 (no checks.)

  • World Beatles Forum: 69 Dalecroft Cr., Ottawa, ON, CANADA, K2G 5V7. TWBF (fan club and newsletter) offers Beatles news, views, and reviews. Recent articles include exclusive interviews with Pete Best, Louise Harrison, Allan Williams, Len Garry. Now in its second year. Published 6 times/year: Canada/U.S.A: $8/6 months, $15/1 year. Others: $11US/6 months, $20US/1 year. Email: beatles@mondenet.com.

  • Beatle mailing lists

    You can be added to these lists by emailing the addresses in the links below.

  • The BEATLanta News Update: Mostly events in the Southeastern U.S., but also includes events of general music interest (record shows, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Exhibit) as well as strictly Beatles stuff.


  • Beatle Byte

  • Email: Lennon72@aol.com.

  • Beatles-Collecters is an email discussion list for fans, collectors and dealers who are interested in collecting, buying, selling and trading Beatles merchandise. Discussion includes memorabilia and collectibles, recordings, videos, books & magazines, pricing, and alternate recordings - anything that is collectible may be discussed. List members may post brief "ads" indicating the types of items they are seeking or selling. There is no charge to subscribe or post your "ads." This type of post may include a pointer to a web site, auction sites or a request to contact the list member for a complete list of items for sale. Lengthy "for sale" lists are not permitted. The advertising of bootleg recordings is not permitted, however, discussion of such recordings is permitted. In order to keep list traffic manageable and to avoid the two types of restricted posts, this list is filtered through the list moderator. What it should be: Anyone wishing to buy, sell, trade & discuss Beatles collectibles is welcome! To subscribe, send an empty message to beatles-collectors-subscribe@egroups.com. To unsubscribe send a message to beatles-collectors-unsubscribe@egroups.com. Or you may subscribe at the following URL: http://www.egroups.com/group/beatles-collectors

  • Beatles' Kids List: A list devoted to discussing the children of the Beatles and their individual endeavors. The list administrator is Melissa Carroll. A FAQ is available at ftp://jibboo.com/pub/kidsfaq.txt.

  • E-mail kidslist@jibboo.com.

  • Beatles List: A list devoted to general Beatles discussion run by Jeannie Pitman.

  • Email: Send an e-mail to beatles-request@Majordomo.Esosoft.com and writing "subscribe" in the body. To subscribe to the digest form, send a message to beatles-digest-request@Majordomo.Esosoft.com with "subscribe" in the body.

  • Beatle lists at http://egroups.com: Since they cover such a wide range, there are many more than we could possibly list. Go to http://www.egroups.com and do a search for "Beatles" or specific Beatle topics, such as fan fiction, kids and lists for the individual Fabs.

  • George Harrison Mailing List

  • Email: Mr H.

  • German Beatles Mailing List: Information point on Beatles-related news in German speaking Europe. This list is in the German language but everyone is welcome. We try to give information only, we do not discuss their music.
    Email: ralph.weigmann@mailbox.erfurt.thur.de.
  • HariOnTour (Hot-L): George Harrison as a Beatle and solo artist. The list's content administrator is Aya McArova. The HariOnTour webpage includes a great deal of information about George. The list's home page is http://macca-l.org/hariontour. There's a link on how to sub on the home page.

  • Julian Lennon Mailing List: News about Julian. To post to the list use julianlennon@yahoo.com or write to this address if you have any questions.
  • Lindamac-L: Sister list to Macca-L devoted to animal rights issues and veggie discussion.

  • For information, contact cathy@macca-l.org for subscription information.

  • Macca-L: From MACCA-L's FAQ: .  Macca-L is the Paul McCartney International Mailing List, moderated by Cathy Munro and Lynn Harvey.  To post to the list, send your message to macca-list@macca-l.net. Before posting to the list,  please read Mark Tovey's MACCA FAQ, which can be found at http://www.macca-faq.com. Also see the Macca-L Web Site and Linda Mac-L's Web Site!. Our primary rule is "no bashing" -- of *anyone*.  Express your love for Paul without guilt.  We're a friendly group -- and we're very clean. Contact Cathy Munro for subscription information. For questions, email Lynn Harvey or Cathy Munro.

  • Ono-Net:
  • A mailing list for those interested in the work of Yoko Ono.
    listserv@tc.umn.edu with the words "subscribe ono-net (your name)". A digest version is also available by sending a second message to: listserv@tc.umn.edu with the words "set ono-net digest".

  • The Pepperland Times

  • Email: jolkowski@postoffice.worldnet.att.net

  • Strawberry Fields Forever: To subscribe or unsubscribe, please send a message to Cvaneaton@imagineabetterworld.com with "SFF-SUBSCRIBE" or "SFF-UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line. To post messages to Strawberry Fields, please send your post to Cvaneaton@imagineabetterworld.com with "SFF Post -- (name your subject)" in the subject line.

  • Today in Beatles History Mailing List: Outstanding list that features a daily message containing that day's significant events in the lives of the Beatles (including solo years). To subscribe, send a message to beatlestoday-list-request@bagism.com and put "subscribe" in the subject line (without the quotes).


    We'll be happy to add info for other lists. Email us by clicking here.

    Mailing addresses

    We'd appreciate any corrections to these addresses.

  • Abbey Road Studios, 3 Abbey Road, London, NW8 9AY, England.
  • Apple Records, 27 Ovington Square, London, SW3 1LJ, England
  • Capitol Records, 1750 N. Vine St., Hollywood, Ca. 90028 or 1290 Avenue of the Americas, 35th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10104.
  • MPL Communications, 1 Soho Square, London W1V 6BQ, England.
  • Sir George Martin, AIR Studios, Lyndhurst Hall, Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead, London NW3 5NG.

  • Paul McCartney, The Paul McCartney Fun Club, P.O. Box 110, Westcliff, Essex SS0 8NW, United Kingdom. (Note: This is considered to be the best address to send him a letter.)

  • Yoko Ono, 1 West 72nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10023.

  • Linda McCartney Cancer Centre: Send donations to: The Linda McCartney Centre, Appeals Office, Royal Liverpool Hospital, Prescot Street, Liverpool, England.

    Computer Bulletin Boards

  • Glass Onion: (203) 732-5746, located in Ansonia, CT. Sysop: Bob Dunn. Since 1992. "Tons of Beatle files (over 50 megs!) and I try to keep up on all the latest games and stuff." Email: rjd55@ct2.nai.net
  • IRC Channels

  • #rubbersouls: Info on how to get to the channel: Get a IRC-program, most people prefer mIRC (available from http://www.mirc.com . Install it, type in your username, nickname, etc. It is important that you select a server with the 'EFNet' prefix. The one titled 'EFNet: EU NO homelien' is usually a favourite. You now need to join the channel. This can be done by entering #rubbersouls into the channel popup window that appears once you have connected to a EFNet-server.

    Weekly radio shows

  • Back Beat: A weekly Beatles radio program broadcast by Radio Pirata, 99.9 FM, in Managua, Nicaragua, hosted by Sergio Watson and Douglas Munoz. Weekly show is aired from 2:00PM - 4:00PM on Sundays. Sections of the radio program may be found in our webpage at http://www.pirata.com.ni/backbeat.html. The program is aired in Spanish, the official language of this country. Our fans club "La Caverna" is composed by 355 members including amateur musicians always playing Beatles songs during our live radio shows. For more information please send your correspondence to "Back Beat" P.O. BOX LV-087, Maanagua, Nicaragua or to either the e-mails addresses linked above. God blesses our Country.

  • "The Beatles A-Z": "The Beatles A-Z from the BBC airs every Saturday at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. eastern on XM Satellite Radio, starting Nov. 20th. The most complete fab four documentry ever produced in an ongoing weekly series...from the 60's on 6. (From program director Pat Clarke.)

  • Beatles and Beyond: This new program plays all the Beatles output, solo stuff, Apple, Dark Horse and RingO'records vinyl/CDs, cover versions, as well as carrying out interviews (Klaus Voorman, Doris Troy, Jackie Lomax , Lon Van Eaton) plus book reviews, video reviews, competitions, memorabilia discussions and live guests! The programme is due to be on a webcast from http://www.wcra.co.uk from January 17th for at least 4 weeks, and may then be available on http://www.BeatlesandBeyond.co.uk later. Potential sponsors can email Peter Dicks. And here's an update (1/10/01) from Peter Dicks:

    The good news is that there are 2 shows now, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6pm GMT. I am working on a re-cast in the early hours of the morning for the West Coast and the Australian audience. The Tuesday shows will probably be pre-recorded as I just finished a series so I can use the content for a new audience. The Wednesday shows will be live. So far, I have interviews with Doris Troy, Jak Lomax, Sam Leach, Klaus Voorman, Keith Badman and Johnathan Poole available and the list of cover versions has passed 500. Requests and Dedications have arrived from all over the UK, Europe, North America, and even India. The age range of the audience starts at 5! Yoko is aware of the programme and I hope that she will listen in.

    All the Best.
    Pete Dicks.

    Tuning info:<

    To listen to the programme, please follow these insrtuctions: go to www.beatlesandbeyond.co.uk; click web address; click link to the station; click webcasting; download winamp if you haven't already done so. click tune in.

  •  Beatle Archives: WLHN-FM (101.7) Elwood, Indiana. 7-8 p.m. Fridays or Saturdays (depends on programming that week). "Beatles, solo work, latest releases, news, everything."
  • Beatle Break: 2 p.m. on WCSX-FM (94.7), Detroit. Four Beatle songs are played. The opening sequence is a collage of Beatle-count-ins (George doing the Taxman count in, Paul doing "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Sgt Pepper Reprise") and then George mumbles "Listen to that music." The ending features John Lennon saying "Thank you all for being so wonderful." Also, the same station does a "Fab Four-play weekend", which happens at the last weekend of every month (Paul did a little station promo for it.) The station is available on the Web at http://www.wcsx.com. (Thanks to Tim Swaddling.)

  • Hi there, thought you might like to know about a new Beatles RADIO show called BEATLES BASEMENT with ARCHER. It’s an American produced show. A New Zealand radio station is taking the show and you can hear it online via the station’s website. Radio 1XX: 90.5FM & 1242AM – Whakatane/Eastern Bay Of Plenty, 93.0FM – Ohope Beach and also on 92.9 Kiwi FM – Te Puke 1XX Website: www.1xx.co.nz. TIME: Saturdays 7pm – 9pm (New Zealand Time) You might be able to find out other stations taking the show. It starts Aug. 2, 2008, on 1XX here in New Zealand.

  • Beatle Brunch: 11 a.m.-noon on 105.7 WQSR-FM, Baltimore, Maryland. Hosted by Joe Johnson. Features Beatle group and solo material. (Thanks to Jason Daughterty.)

  • Beatle Brunch: Oldies 93.3 KIOA-FM, Des Moines, Sunday mornings, 11AM-noon. Features Beatle group and solo material. (Thanks to JesMusic.)

  • Beatle Brunch: WBIG 100.3 FM, "Oldies 100". Washington, DC, Northern Va., suburban Maryland, Sundays from 9-10AM. Features Beatle group and solo material. (Thanks to Lou Sessa.)

  • Beatle Brunch: WBZO, 103.1-FM in Bayshore, New York (Long Island), Sundays from 9-10AM. Features Beatle group and solo material. (Thanks to Terry Hamblin.)

  • Beatle Brunch: CISL-AM (650), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 9 to 10 a.m. Sundays. Contains both Beatles and solo Beatle material.

  • Beatle Brunch: WYCL, Pensacola, Florida http://www.cool107.com 11 a.m. ET Sundays. (Thanks to Beatlefan correspondent Richard S. Owen.)

  • Beatle Brunch: KBZT, San Diego, California http://www.kbest.com 10 a.m. PT Sundays. (Thanks to Beatlefan correspondent Richard S. Owen.)

    Stations carrying "Beatle Brunch"

    (info courtesy of "Beatle Brunch")
    StationLocationAirtimeReal Audio
    CISLVancouver, BC, CanadaSunday, 9:AM
    KUYL Modesto, CA Sunday, 7:AM
    KOLA Redlands, CA. Sunday, 9:AM
    KBZTSan Diego, CA Sunday, 10:AM
    KXKL Denver, CO Sunday, 10:AM ----
    WBIGWashington, DCSunday, 9 a.m.
    WOLZFort Myers, Fla.Sunday, 10 a.m.
    WMXJMiami/Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.Sunday, 10 a.m.
    WOKL Tallahassee, FL Sunday, noon
    WYUU Tampa, FL Sunday, 10:AM
    KIOA Des Moines, IA Sunday, 11:AM
    WDBQDubuque, IL Sunday, 10:AM
    WQQL Springfield, IL Sunday, 11:AM
    WQKQ Burlington, IASunday, 9:AM
    WINN Columbus, IN
    WKLU Indianapolis, IA Sunday, 10:AM
    WMJL Padukah, KYSunday, noon
    WQSR Baltimore, MD Sunday, 11:AM
    WGUY Newport, MESunday, 10:AM
    WOMC Detroit, MISunday, 9:AM
    KQQL Minneapolis, MI Sunday, 7:AM
    KOQL Columbia, MO Sunday, 11:AM
    KLOU St. Louis, MO Sunday, 8:AM
    KPHT Fargo, ND Sunday, 10:AM
    KKUL Lincoln, NE Sunday, Noon
    WBZO Long Island, NY Sunday, 9:AM
    WBBF Rochester, NY Sunday, Noon
    WFGO Erie, Pa. Sunday, 9:AM
    WWSW Pittsburgh, Pa. Sunday, 8:AM
    WOMG Columbia, SC Sunday, Noon
    WSYNMyrtle Beach, SC Sunday, 10:AM
    WOGB Green Bay, WI Sunday, 10:AM
    WOLX Madison, WI Sunday, 9:AM
    WMNG St. Croix, VI Sunday, 11:AM
    WVPI St. Thomas, VI Sunday, 11:AM
    You can find more information at http://www.beatlebrunch.com

  • Beatle Brunch Club: 10 a.m. to noon Sundays, WGLS-89.7 FM, Glassboro, N.J. Hosted by Sammy Pepper. (The show is also on the web at:wgls.rowan.edu.) Now thru December, 2002, featuring "The Fab 400 Countdown".

  • The Beatles Complete: Wednesday 20:00 pm in Bolivia South America in INT Radio Station. The URL of the site is: http://www.bolivian.com/beatles. Every week the program will be updated in the Internet and will have Real Audio files. The site is in Spanish and soon will be in English, too.

  • Beatlemania 99: Bandeirantes FM (99.3) Porto Alegre, RGS (Brazil). 7-8 p.m. on Sundays. Beatles group and solo news, releases, information.
  • Beatles-O-Rama: Hosted by Pat Matthews on Live365.com. Go to http://www.beatlesarama.com and click on a player on the home page.

  • The Beatles Radio Show, KGB 101.5-FM in San Diego, CA, 8-10 a.m. Sundays, You can listen to KGB-FM live in stereo over the Internet using RealPlayer at http://www.101kgb.com/. Listeners can call 888-570-1015 with requests or email at kgbeatles@aol.com. Show is also on the net at http://www.101kgb.com/main.html. Home page for the show is at http://www.101kgb.com/beatles_front.html .

  • Beatlesongs: WHPC-FM (90.3FM) Garden City, Long Island, New York. The show airs every Friday from 8-11 p.m. and is hosted by Rob Leonard. "Beatlesongs" is currently in its 14th year. The station's website is http://www.sunynassau.edu/dptpages/whpc/whpc.htm. You can email Rob at RobLeonard1963@yahoo.com (Thanks to Rob Leonard.) (Thank to Rob Leonard.)

  • Beatle Wednesdays: KFRC-AM (610)/FM (99.7), San Francisco, plays three Beatle songs an hour all day Wednesday.

    Beatles Universe: 94.9, the Rock (therock.fm). "All things Beatles, solo Beatles, Beatle related, Apple, Dark Horse and Ring'o Records." You can check out the website at Beatlesuniverse.com

  • The Beatle Years: KONE-FM (101.1) in Lubbock, Texas, at 9 a.m. Sundays.

    For a complete list of affiliates
    for "The Beatle Years," click here.

  • The Beatle Years: KFSO-FM 92.9 in Fresno, CA. (Also known as Oldies 92.9). Airs Saturday nights at 11:00 p.m.
  • The Beatle Years: KKRW, Houston, Texas http://www.kkrw.com 8 a.m. CT Sundays. (Thanks to Beatlefan correspondent Richard S. Owen.)
  • The Beatle Years:KMGN, Flagstaff, Arizona http://www.kmgn.com 11 a.m. local time Sundays. (Thanks to Beatlefan correspondent Richard S. Owen.)
  • The Beatle Years: WMXR, Woodstock VT/Lebanon NH http://www.magic94fm.com 9 a.m. Sundays. (Thanks to Beatlefan correspondent Richard S. Owen.)
  • Breakfast With the Beatles, 9 a.m. Sunday, Oldies 1150 CKOC, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Hosted by Terry Ott.

  • Breakfast With the Beatles, 8 a.m. Monday through Friday, WGMK-FM (102.9), Philadelphia. "Have Breakfast with The Beatles every day on The More Music Morning Show. Hear great music from the Fab Four plus rare interviews, the challenging "BBQ" (Beatle Breakfast Quiz) and more. The "Beatles Breakfast Quiz" gives you a chance to win a great Beatles prize."

  • Breakfast With the Beatles: 7-9 am Sunday. KZOK 102.5 in Seattle. Includes Beatles and solo material. (Thanks to David Harper.)

  • Breakfast With the Beatles: 10 a.m. to noon Sundays, KLSX-FM (97.1), Los Angeles. Includes Beatles and solo material.

  • Breakfast With the Beatles: 9 a.m. Sundays, The River (93.9 FM) Detroit. "Smooth Rock 93.9 The River is pleased to present Breakfast With The Beatles! Make sure to join Dale Smith this & every Sunday morning for a full hour of great Beatles music! You'll hear rare tracks, deep cuts, interviews, cover songs & more!" (Thanks to Tim Swaddling.)

  • Breakfast With The Beatles: 7-9 AM, Saturdays, WVZN-AM (1580), Lancaster, PA.  Hosted by Charlie Reinhart, author of "You Can't Do That: Beatle Bootleg & Novelty Discography" and "The Book of Beatle Lists." The show features group and solo songs, as well as group history (for the upcoming week), novelties, songs written and/or produced by group members, and songs on which the Beatles played and/or sang.

  • "Breakfast With the Beatles," 8 a.m. to noon Sundays, WCKG-FM, Chicago. (Thanks to Amy.)

  • "Breakfast With the Beatles," 8 a.m. Sundays, KCLH, Classic Hits 94.7 in LaCrosse Wisconsin. Hosted by Dennis Mitchell. The latest show is available on-demand on the web by going to my website, www.doseofreality.com.

  • Beatles Breakfast Show: 7:30 a.m. daily, WMGK-FM (102.9), Philadelphia, Pa. Music, rare interviews, trivia, contests.

  • Breakfast with the Beatles, hosted by Cha-Chi Loprete, Saturday mornings at 7am on WZLX in Boston, Massachusetts. Hear it anytime thru our online podcast. http://www.wzlx.com/pages/776560.php

  • The British Beat: WBZC-FM 88.9, Burlington County College, Pemberton, N.J. Monday Nights: 6 to 9:30 PM. From Jim Meehan: 88.9 FM is located in the Philadelphia PA area. My show airs from 6:00 to 9:30 PM ET every Monday night. It features the best music from the British pop scene from the 60's to the 90's. Beatle Time is from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. and features music, history and commentary on the Beatles as a group and solo. For more information, check out the station's web site at http://www.bcc.edu/radio/.
  • Frequência Beatles: - Rádio Universitária - FM (107.9) Fortaleza-Ceara (BRAZIL) 6-8 PM on Saturdays. Beatles group and solo news, releases, information, everything. Since 1990, playing the Beatles music.

  • La Caverna: La Caverna broadcasts live from Mexico since 1998 via internet on http://frecuenciatec.mty.itesm.mx:8000/ on Mondays 8'00 pm (Central US time) 20:00-21:00 HRS (GMT-7 CST). Even though our radio show is in Spanish, we play Beatles songs (group and solo) as well as collaborations. Every show is shaped with analysis, discussion & appreciation of The Beatles as a cultural phenomenon. You can find a calendar of upcoming shows at http://members.dencity.com/cavern/home.html. Email: cavern@LatinMail.com. Web page: http://www.angelfire.com/mt/caverna/inicio.html. Phone, from USA: (52)8 347 65 73. From Mexico: (01)8 347 65 73. (Thanks to Fernando Zavala.)

  • A Day in the Life of the Beatles, 4:20 p.m. weekdays, KSAN-FM (107.7), San Francisco.

  • Let It Be Beatles, First three Mondays of the month between 10.00pm and midnight, Stereo 974 (97.4 FM), Melbourne, Australia.

  • London's Capital Gold Radio has a Beatles hour every Thursday from 8 p.m. London time (3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time). This can be heard around the world on the World Wide Web at http://CapitalGold.co.uk/. (Thanks to Andrew Brooks.)

  • Strawberry Beatles Forever: KVMR-FM, 89.5 in Nevada City, Calif., and 99.3 in Sacramento, Calif, and 103.7 in Auburn, Calif. 10 pm to midnight on the third Thursday of each month. Music of, by and for the Beatles featuring the Fab Four's work as a group, as solo artists, as producers, as songwriters and as collaborators with other artists. All broadcasts of KVMR-FM, Nevada City, California, including my "Strawberry Beatles Forever," can now be heard live on the World Wide Web at http://www.kvmr.org.
  • Sunday Morning Beatles: 8-10 a.m. Sundays, KLSX-FM (97.1), Los Angeles. Beatles and solo material. Entirely on tape (no DJ). (Thanks to JSch1962.)

  • HERE THERE & EVERYWHERE: -- Beatles Internet/FM Radio Show broadcasted around the world live spanning 45 years of Beatles music. 6AM West USA / 9AM East USA / 2PM UK / Thursdays only . Itunes player or Windows media player are recommended for your computer. Find easy KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz, CA Beatles audio streaming from the link at the site below. http://www.geocities.com/beatleslug/Beatleslug.html

  • FAB 4 RADIO (The Global Beatle Network): The Beatles - John, Paul, George and Ringo - The music The Beatles loved and the bands that love The Beatles. Now broadcasting in over 50 countries Every Sunday morning show - Acoustic Beatles Sunrise 8:00am CST. Fan response – “Eldorado... This is it, finally a truly Fabulous 24/7 online radio station geared to the serious Beatle appreciator. Deep cuts Beatles and related selected to delight surprise and revitalize the fab faithful. Tune in and TURN IT UP”! www.fab4radio.com http://www.live365.com/stations/knottypinestudios

  • Sunday Morning with the Beatles: WXCD-FM 94.7 in Chicago. 7am-9am every Sunday. Beatles and solo, but with a DJ and not commercial free as is "Sunday Night with the Beatles."

  • Sunday Night with the Beatles: WXCD-FM 94.7 in Chicago. 10pm-midnight every Sunday. Commercial-free Beatles and post-Beatles songs.

  • The Richard Turner Beatles Show: Sunday morning from 9 AM to 12, KSYM - 90.1 FM in San Antonio. Musical requests encouraged.

    Beatle-related weekly radio shows

  • The Attic: 4-6 a.m. Sundays, WRSU-FM (88.7) Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ. Includes rarely heard songs/bands from the late '60s - early '70s. Beatle-related material includes solo Beatles, Badfinger, Jackie Lomax, Billy Preston, Radha Krsna Temple, "Wonderwall," Harry Nilsson, Elephant's Memory, Yoko Ono, etc. Also, pre-"Dark Side of the Moon" Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, Quicksilver Messenger Service etc.

    Telephone news services

  • Joe Pope's Beatlephone: (619) 364-6523. Updated daily.

    The London Beatle Walks

    THE BEATLES MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR    * Sundays & Thursdays at 11.00 a.m., Wednesdays at 2.00 p.m. from Tottenham Court Road Underground (Dominion Theatre exit)

    This walk is a unique opportunity to imagine Beatlemania and the swinging 60s. It is a Magical Mystery Tour of the Beatles' London haunts: their Apple offices, where they played the famous "rooftop session"; Paul McCartney's offices; the "birthplace" of Beatlemania; the world famous Abbey Road Studios and the crosswalk, and many more! Richard, "with a little help" from a soundtrack, recaptures the era when London was the cultural capital of the world and the Fab Four were its rulers.

    THE BEATLES "IN MY LIFE" WALK    * Tuesdays & Saturdays at 11.00 a.m.
    from Baker Street Underground (Baker St. exit)

    "There are places I'll remember all my life", sang the Beatles in one of their most evocative songs. Many of those places are in the "London Town" of this walk, and we see them in the best possible way ... with a little help from a soundtrack. So get back with Richard to the film locations for A Hard Day's Night and Help!, the registry office where two of the Beatles were married, and the apartment immortalised by Ringo, John and Yoko. We'll also see the house where Paul lived with Jane Asher and many more Beatles sites. Those were the days ... for it was in that house that John and Paul wrote I Want To Hold Your Hand. And for a grand finale - the legendary Abbey Road studios and crosswalk. Please note that both Beatles tours include a short tube journey to St John's Wood for Abbey Road.

    The walks are guided by Richard, who is President of the London Beatles Fanclub, and holder of the "Beatles Brain of Britain" title. Meet Richard and your fellow walkers on the pavement just outside the designated Underground station at the time stated. The walks last about two and a half hours and cost £4.50 each (£3.50 for full-time students and OAPs). Children under 15 go free if accompanied by an adult.

    "A splendid time is guaranteed for all" - Toronto Glove and Mail.

    Richard Porter: tel. +181 898 3606
    London Beatles Fanclub website: http://www.lbfc.demon.co.uk/

    For a full programme of 100 walks a week contact:
    The Original London Walks PO Box 1708
    London NW6 4LW Great Britain
    Tel: (171) 624 3978
    Fax: (171) 625 1932

    Email: london.walks@mail.bogo.co.uk